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Warren Cottage
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This Smock mill was omitted from the 1930 survey, although built in 1821. Kent County Council acquired in 1959. The machinery is complete though not in working order. It is now a listed Grade II building and in the care of Meopham Mill Trust.


Rolvenden is a post mill with two sweeps and a tailpole. Built around 1772 it originally had four common sweeps. The wooden round-house was pulled down during World War I and used for firewood. The name 'Allen 1828' was cut on the centre post, this is likely to be the of one of it's millers.The mill continued to work by wind until 1885 when the building gradually deteriorated. It was restored in 1956.


Built in 1760, The White Mill can probably lay claim to being the oldest existing mill in Kent. It is an octagonal smock mill, which was covered in sheeting on a brick base with a stage. When this photograph was taken it had recently lost two sweeps and only the stocks of the other two remained, and the fan had also gone. However, it did have its original wooden machinery and the mill has since been restored. It is now the White Mill Rural Heritage Centre.


Sarre is a smock mill without sweeps or fan and was worked by gas engine. The brick base was originally only one story but was raised to two. Refurbished and totally restored, the sweeps have been returned and the mill has been working commercially since 1991.It is now a Rural Heritage Centre.

Stelling Minnis

Stelling Minnis is an octagonal smock mill built in 1866 on the site of an early mill. Once known as Davidson's mill, by 1930 it was found to be working by oil engine and the four sails and fan were broken and in bad condition. It was acquired by Kent County council in 1970 and restored with the engine still powering the mill for demonstrations. It is now a Grade I listed building and in the joint care of the Parish Council and the Kent Mills Group.


Whitstable is an octagonal smock mill built in the early 1800's. By the 1930's all the machinery had been removed and a house had been built adjoining it and the mill converted into living rooms. The fan had been taken down and only the stocks of the four sails remained.


Built on the site of an earlier mill. Willesborough is an octagonal smock on a brick base with stage. The mill was built in 1869 by Hill of Ashford. The sails were changed for patent type shutters and in 1872, a steam engine was added. At the time of the survey, it had four single-shuttered sails, which were getting into bad condition and a fantail. In the early 20th century the engine was removed and a new engine added. Closed in 1950's and the building used as storage and later as a home until 1989. It was bought by Ashford Borough Council bought and restored it in 1991.Grade II listed building.


Known as Stocks Mill, this is a post and round-house with four shuttered sails and a tail-pole. Built in 1781, it has not worked from around the beginning of 20th century. The building it well looked after and stands in a private garden. The round house is of brick with a wooden roof. The body of the mill with the sweeps steps and tailpole. Acquired by Kent County Council in 1980 and restored. It is now a Grade II listed building and in the care of The Friends of Stocks Mill.

West Kingsdown

Originally built in 1800, it was moved to its present position in 1880. It is a octagonal weatherboarded smock on a square brickbase, with 2 common and 2 patent sweeps. The sweeps were covered with canvas. Sweeps damaged in gale in 1929. Framework of the other three and the fantail are still up.